Throughfall rendering in real-time

A phenomenological model for throughfall rendering in real-time

Y. Weber, V. Jolivet, G. Gilet, K. Nanko, D. Ghazanfarpour

Realistic Image Synthesis Team, Xlim Research Institute
University of Limoges, France

Department of Disaster Prevention, Meteorology and Hydrology
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan

A complex natural scene

Complexity of throughfall rendering

Throughfall rendering in real-time is a challenging task
due to the environment complexity and the numerous water drops.

Related works

Even if it has already been 10 years, still visually impressive. Check it out on Youtube !

Tatarchuk and Isodoro 2006 (ATI)

Related works

Tatarchuk and Isodoro 2006 (ATI)

  • real-time rendering

  • no physical consistency and no parameters

Related works

Density and framerate: ≈ 6 FPS for 200 drops

Yang et al 2012

  • physically-based rendering

  • framerate and scalability

Throughfall complexity

Physical interactions + numerous raindrops + tree complexity =

Our objectives

  • Physically plausible simulation

  • Real-time rendering

  • Coherent parameters

  • Complex natural scenes

Algorithm overview

Hydrological studies

Multiple hydrological researchers have studied the throughfall phenomenon.

Experiments conducted by Nanko et al 2013

Hydrological data

Algorithm overview

Algorithm overview

New fully functional form

Algorithm overview

Some results

Outside a tree

Inside a tree

Through a moving camera


  • a new approach based on hydrological studies for a high realistic rendering

  • a simulation controlled through coherent parameters

  • a functional representation evaluated on-the-fly controlling density and physical properties

  • a real-time GPU-oriented implementation rendering a high density of throughfall

Future works

  • Cascading throughfall (from a leaf to another one)

  • Leaf rebounding right after dripping

  • Include external effects in the functional form

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